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Logo Rise of Castles

by Valasky


Welcome to the world of  “Rise of Castles”!

Build and upgrade your castle, forge powerful legions led by heroes and dragons. Dive into strategy with a comprehensive tech tree, unique specialization towers, developing crucial attributes for the advancement of your empire. Form strategic alliances in epic seasons.

In "Rise of Castles - Ice and Fire," the choice is yours. Get ready for epic battles.

Castelo Internamente

Become a VIP Member!

Awaken the leader in you! Become a VIP in Rise of Castles and delve into an exclusive realm of powerful strategies and unparalleled perks. Master epic duels, create custom combos, connect with a community of strategists. Your journey to greatness begins now - become a VIP Member and walk the path to victory!

Skin Hunk

Ultimate Heroes

In "Rise of Castles," heroes emerge as crucial pillars, shaping the fate of epic battles and forging unstoppable legions. This is your comprehensive guide to the heroes who will shape the course of your empire.

Herois Rise of Castles

Combos Table

Updated without in the second week of eden.

Herois Louis e Harald

F2P Table



Herois Rise of castles

FULL table without SKIN


Strife over Dragon

F2P Battle

monstro banner 2_edited.jpg

VIP Battle

Welcome to the Rise of Dragons Battle, Governor! Prepare to face the legions of darkness that invade the world of Rise of Castles. Test your strategic ability to combat chaos and to secure your rewards, access our tables!


Specialization Unit

“We have collected valuable information from experienced players to make it easier for you to understand and maximize towers in Rise of Castles. Our detailed table highlights the learning bonuses and costs to improve these improvements. Make the most of Specialization Units and strengthen your kingdom!”


Reign of Chaos!

To improve understanding of the game "Rise of Empires", this page aims to present the different season models of the game, aiming to help players better understand the particularities of each of them.

Season X17

Eden: Wonders 


Coming Soon
4 facções.png

Season X15

Eden Conquer

4 Facções

4 facções.png

Season X12

Eden Conquer

4 Facções

Kingdom Wars: Citadel of Gold

Coming Soon

Castle Evolution: From Level 25 to Level 30

The journey to raise the castle from level 25 to level 30 is an endeavor that requires dedication, strategy and abundant resources. Each step of this monumental progress requires careful planning and precise execution to reach the pinnacle of awesomeness and defense.


Explore the complete guide to Rise of Empires, which includes Attribute Mapping, Cost Table, and Research Priorities to help you lead your civilization to greatness! Learn to optimize strategies, manage resources, and unlock crucial skills to achieve total dominance in your epic journey.

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Battlefield of honor

Cost tables 

 To make life easier for players we gathered information in one place, several tables available you can find here.

tabelas de custo do eden


Especialização verde
Especialização azul
Especialização Vermelha.png

 Tips for using specialization points, cheats, builds, explanation of each skill geared towards ROC/EDEN or KE seasons.

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