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1. Enrollment Rules

  • Notification Step:

The event will enter the Notification stage before the event starts. The notification about Field of Honor will be shown in the Event Hub.

  • Enrollment Step:

The event will enter the Registration stage after the Notification stage has ended. Only R4 and members of R4 have the authority to sign up for their alliance.

Only the first 20 strongholds in the Stronghold Ranking can register for the event, in addition, the creation time of these strongholds must be longer than 7 days.

According to the schedule of active alliance members, they can select the battle period when signing up. And then they can change the battle period 1 time each day before entering the Matching step.

The leader or members of R4 can use the Mobilization Management function, sending alliance members to participate in combat. At most, an alliance can choose 20 mobilized members and 10 replacements.

Upon registration, the top 20 members with the highest strength will be automatically selected as the Mobilized Members, and the first 21-30 members in the rankings will be automatically selected as the Substitutes. The leader and members of R4 can change the battle formation before the end of the enrollment step.

A member who joins the alliance less than 24 hours ago, or his Castle is still below Level 16, cannot be mobilized in combat, nor can he be a substitute.

  • Pairing Step:

After the Enrollment step ends, the total combat strength value of all mobilized members and substitutes will be converted into the match value, and the system will choose alliances of nearly the same FC value as opponents to compete.

Opponent information will be invisible before the start of battle.


  • Battle Stage:

On the day of the event, the event will enter the Battle stage. And according to the period that your alliance chooses, the battlefield will be opened by the system automatically.

The 20 mobilized members will receive the system notification within 10 minutes of the start of the battle, and they can enter the battlefield at that time.

In the preparation stage, all operations are prohibited. And the battle will start immediately after the preparation stage ends.

If you don't have 20 mobilized members on the battlefield after the battle starts, substitutes can enter the field until the number of mobilized members reaches 20.

2. How to play

  • Basic rules:

The goal of the battle is to occupy the stronghold buildings on the battlefield. The stronghold building occupied by your side will continuously provide alliance credit to your side. At the end of the battle, the side with the most alliance credit will win.

Upon reaching the bulwark building, the tropo will automatically occupy it. Also, the troop will enter the garrison state.

If the stronghold building is occupied by the enemy before he arrives, your troop will fight with that garrisoned troop automatically. The troop must defeat all garrisoned troops to occupy the building.

The bulwark building will enter the disputed state after being occupied. The occupier needs to maintain his occupation for a certain time, namely, the garrisoned troop has to defend from the enemy attack within that time, and afterwards, the occupier is considered to officially occupy the building successfully. If the bulwark building is occupied for the first time, the occupying side can get alliance credit and extra individual credit.

Most stronghold buildings will provide alliance credit per minute from being officially occupied until they are occupied by another player or the end of the battle is reached. In such a way that occupying a stronghold is the most important way to obtain victory in the event.


  • Territory and Displacement:

The player cannot move his city freely on the battlefield, he can only move the city to his side's territory. The fortress in front provides the starting territory on your side. And they need to build Watchtower to expand their territory.

R4 leader and members can click on empty ground block - building instruction to build the Watchtower. But, they need to consume the special battlefield resource - Holy Crystal, which can be collected from Holy Crystal Mine on the battlefield to build the tower. Sacred Crystal Mine can be collected by all alliances.

Alliance credit and individual credit can also be increased by the same amount by collecting the Holy Crystal

It takes some time to build the Watchtower, and you can send troops to speed up the construction speed. Each player can only send one troop to speed up tower construction. The territory adjacent to the Watchtower will belong to your side after you complete the construction. Attention, the territory obtained by Watchtower must be contiguous with your already owned territory.

If player moves city on battlefield, it will consume move chance instead of related item. The displacement chances are shared with the entire alliance. At the beginning, each side has 5 chances to move. Occupy the bulwark building - Command Center for more travel chances.

Also, according to the size of the territory, the system will reward alliance credit for a certain time.


  • Territory Dispute:

The Watchtower can be attacked. If its durability is zero, the tower will be destroyed and cannot be restored. Furthermore, the territory obtained by Watchland will be lost. And soils that do not connect with the home territory will be ineffective (shown in white). They need to build the Watchtower again to connect the territories. And then, the functions of these territories will also be recovered.

Blank soils are considered neutral territory, both sides can occupy these soils by connecting them to their own territory.

Castles that have already been moved within the territory do not receive territory loss influence. But, they cannot execute new travel orders.


  • Obtaining Individual Credit:

Ways to get individual credit on the battlefield:

1. Occupy the bulwark building for the first time

2. Collect in Sacred Crystal Mine

3. Fighting with enemy, the combat strength lost by the enemy will be converted into your individual credit

4. Successfully escort Divine Rune


  • Obstacle Rules:

Mountains are an obstacle on the battlefield, as when marching, troops will make a detour taking longer to reach their destination.

  • Battle Stage (Field of Honor):

The bulwark buildings will open in different stages:

1. Stronghold, Watch Post and Command Center will open at the start of battle.

2. Hospital, Armory and Supply Station will be opened in the second stage.

3. Sanctuary and Stop will open in the third stage.

Blocked stronghold buildings cannot be occupied. You can click on them to see your remaining open time. And show speaker notification to inform next step input.


  • Participation Reward:

The reward will be mailed at the end of the battle, and there are three types of rewards:

1. Alliance Reward: All alliance members can withdraw it. According to the battle result, the rewards are divided into Victory Reward and Defeat Reward.

1. Participation Reward: only mobilized members can withdraw it. According to the battle result, the rewards are divided into Victory Reward and Defeat Reward.

1. Credit Reward: only mobilized members can withdraw it. According to the individual credit, the rewards are divided into several tiers. The more individual credit you earn, the better reward you will receive. Battle result is also one of the reward content criteria.

You can consult the Participation Reward content on the registration page within the registration stage.

  • Viewing Rules:

All members of your alliance can enter the battlefield to watch the battle after the battle starts. Spectators cannot perform operations that will influence the outcome of the battle, such as participating in the battle, building buildings, etc. But, viewers can consult the battle information and send messages on the channel.

If mobilized or substitute members enter the battlefield as a spectator, they will not get the Participation Reward or the Credit Reward.

If you participate in the battle, leave the battlefield and re-enter as the spectator, your battle participation record and your credits will be kept. And you can withdraw the Participation Reward and Credit Reward at the end of the battle.

Access to the battle view will close 5 minutes before the end of the battle.

  • Other Special Rules:

1. The King and Governor effects are ineffective on the battlefield.

2. Kingdom Celebration and Kingdom Conflict technologies are ineffective on the battlefield.

3. Cloaking items are ineffective on the battlefield. But, they can use attack, defense and harvest bonus items on the battlefield.

4. Unable to use Dragon Cry on the battlefield.

5. A maximum of 2 legions can be launched simultaneously on the battlefield.

6. Sending troops doesn't cost stamina

7. The march acceleration function cannot be used during the battlefield. Hero skills and skills provided by Parts can be used.

8. Soldiers will not be killed on the battlefield.

9. There is no Hospital capacity limit. Healing wounded on the battlefield does not consume any resources. All wounded will be healed immediately after the battle ends.

10. Marching speed on the battlefield is reduced, but reconnaissance speed is doubled during the battlefield.

11. If the Castle is destroyed, it will be rebuilt at the headquarters and the durability will be restored to full. The Castle at headquarters cannot be attacked.

12. Battlefield combats do not calculate the amount of kill, nor can they complete kill missions.


3: Presentation of the Bulwark Building


  • Fortress:

Provides the starting point for building watchtowers.

  • Secred Crystal Mine:

They are scattered all over the map.

Just like resource gatherings, you need to send legions to collect Crystal.

This Crystal is what the watchtower needs to build.

Keeping a constant collection will help in expanding the territory. 


  • Sentry Tower:

As the starting stronghold ahead, it provides the starting territory range.

It needs 200 crystals to build.

It helps to expand the territory.

It can only be built by R5/R4.

Build time = 3m 20s (sends troops to decrease build time).

Stronghold can be attacked, but cannot be occupied.

Allows you to teleport within your area after being built.


  • Outpost:

Outposts are the most basic strongholds

Occupying an Outpost will provide the Alliance with a small but steady stream of Alliance Points

Additional alliance and personal points are awarded when the outpost is first occupied

Watch Post will be opened at the beginning of the battle.

  • Command Center:

Command centers are vital strongholds that can provide teleports.

Each Command Center occupied by an Alliance for the first time will immediately reward 5 teleports. Repeatedly occupying the Command Center will yield 2 teleports at a time.

The Command Center will provide ao  1 Teleport to the occupying Alliance every 5 minutes.

Occupying a Command Center will periodically provide the Alliance with Alliance Points. Additional Alliance and Personal Points are awarded when the Command Center is first occupied

Command Center will open at the start of battle.

  • Hospital:

Occupying hospitals can increase the healing speed of wounded troops

Increases the healing speed of wounded troops by 100% for each Hospital occupied by the Alliance (stackable)

Occupying a Hospital will provide the Alliance with an average amount of Alliance Points periodically

Additional alliance and personal points are awarded when the hospital is first occupied

Hospitals will be open to occupy 5 minutes after the battle starts


  • Arsenal:

Occupation arsenals can provide the Alliance with attack and defense bonuses for battles.

Increases Attack and Defense by 50% for each Armory occupied by the Alliance (stackable)

Occupying an Armory will provide the Alliance with an average amount of Alliance points periodically

Additional Alliance and Personal Points are awarded when the Armory is first occupied

Arsenals will be open to occupy 5 minutes after the battle starts


  • Fortress of Honor:

Gloria's Stronghold  are extremely important strongholds that provide a large amount of points

Occupying one will provide the Alliance with a large amount of Alliance Points periodically

Additional alliance and personal points are awarded when first occupying

Gloria's Fortress will be open for occupation 5 minutes after the start of the battle

  • Relay :

Posts are important strongholds heavily involved in the escort mission.

The post itself is a neutral fortress, open to occupation from both sides.

Occupying a post will not provide points, but occupying the enemy's post will cause the escort mission to fail for them.


  • Sanctuary:

The shrine is a central stronghold located in the center of the map, with the escort mission originating from here.

15 minutes after the battlefield starts, the shrine will open and spawn a special item called 'Divine Rune'

The first legion to reach the shrine will receive the 'Divine Rune'. They must then escort the Rune to the nearest "Relay"

The legion accompanying the Rune must wait at the " Relay " for 40 seconds, before proceeding to the next " Relay ", and wait 1 minute. Troops waiting at the " Relay " are the same as garrisoned troops and will automatically engage with enemy attack.

The escort will fail if the escort side is defeated while waiting in a relay. The escort will succeed if the escort side successfully waits the duration in both " Relay " without any defeats. The lord who accompanies the key will receive large amounts of personal points, while your alliance will receive large amounts of alliance points

The legion that accompanies the Key will automatically engage in combat with the garrisoned enemies once it reaches " Relay "

Accompanying the escort will significantly slow down the marching speed

The Divine Rune will return to the shrine and will be available immediately after an escort fails

A successful escort will cause the shrine to decrease the cooldown, pausing future generations of the Divine Rune for a while. After the cooldown expires, a notification in the shrine details will show the generation time of the next key.  15 minutes before generating another rune.


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