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Unit of Specialization: Strengthening the Military Branches

Torre de especialização.png

Welcome to Specialization Units, the three imposing towers designed to fortify each military branch in Rise of Castles: Cavalry, Footman and Archer. Each tower is a crucial piece in the war strategy, offering the possibility to improve both heroes and troops, boosting essential attributes for victory.

To make it easier for you to understand and maximize towers, we have collected valuable information from experienced players. We've created a detailed table that highlights the bonuses offered by each learning and column, as well as the costs to maximize these improvements. This table is available for free to the Rise of Castles community, aiming to help players improve their strategies and share knowledge with friends.

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In search of maximum efficiency in strengthening towers, we have created a suggestion chart to guide your priorities when completing the learning. Recognizing the importance of each Virtue Badges, we have highlighted the most valuable strategies for optimizing your General, Troop, Non-Siege/Siege Attack/Siege Defense, Reign of Chaos(Eden) and Battlefield(BOH) attributes.

Attribute Priorities:

  1. Attribute General:

    • Damage

    • HP

    • Combat Speed

    • Tactical Might

    • Tactical Resistance

    • Might

    • Resistance

  2. Attribute Troop:

    • Base HP

    • Marching Speed

    • Base Might

    • Base Resistance

Priorities by Battle Type:

  1. Reign of Chaos:

    • Specific strategies for combat when entering Eden.

  2. Battlefield:

    • Skills and attributes relevant to battles on the combat field.

Prioritization Strategy:

When completing the learnings, we suggest focusing on the above-mentioned priorities. Favor general and troop attributes to strengthen your army, then focus on specific strategies for different battle types.

Taking advantage of Merit Commendations:

Remember that Merit Commendations are precious, and for every 500 points in Daily Tasks, you can get 60 Merit Commendation daily. Use them wisely to maximize the potential of your towers.

We understand that each strategy is unique, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to strengthening towers. The chart provided is a suggestion, but the true essence of the game lies in the ability to customize your strategy to suit your playing style and specific goals. In Rise of Castles, there is no right or wrong when choosing priorities when completing learning. Each player has a unique style, and their strategies may vary based on personal preferences, game goals, and the kingdom's environment.

The main chart, which displays all purchased bonuses, is a valuable tool to guide your strategic decisions. Analyze the benefits offered by each learning and column, and adapt your strategy as necessary.

Share with the Community:

This guide is a valuable tool to guide your strategic decisions. Share these suggestions with your friends and allies in Rise of Castles, strengthening not only your own towers, but also the community as a whole. Hone your tactics, conquer the battlefields, and lead your kingdom to military greatness!

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