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New Hero Equipment System

To make your heroes much stronger on the battlefield, the hero equipment system was introduced.
It's important to note that equipment not only offers special bonuses when upgraded, but also has set effects! Equip a set of equipment to enjoy additional bonuses!

First, tap "Build" -> "Military" to find and build the "Blacksmithy". Tap "Hardware" to enter the "Equipment Store", where you can buy the hero equipment you want with Copper Coins. Copper coins can be obtained by sharing the hero's equipment or purchasing packs. Some copper coins will be added to Clash of Provinces chests. Stay tuned!

From the hero page, you can switch to the hero equipment page to place equipment based on your needs. There are 5 dots on the icon, each of which represents a piece of equipment, when equipped it will be marked.

Hero Equipment.png
Pack Coin.jpg
Equipment Store.jpg

Hero Equipment Bonus 

Below is the most up-to-date data available in the game. This table offers a comprehensive view of new equipment attributes and their costs, allowing players to strategically plan the acquisition of the parts needed to complete the set.

Common Rider's Set.png

Each piece of equipment can be separated or de-equipped at any time, and this guarantees the full return of the materials used. To upgrade a piece to 1 star, it is necessary to have an additional piece of the same type and a specific material available in the store, which can be purchased with Copper Coins. More information will be added to this page as new data is collected later.

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