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Hero filter (Skills, Effects, Buff and Debuff)

Enhance your strategy with a powerful hero filtering tool. Refine your search by skill type, effects, buffs and debuffs, and choose the perfect hero to power your Rise of Castles journey. Use tactical intelligence to find ideal allies and masterfully achieve victory.

Instructions: Exploring Hero Filters

Welcome to the interactive tool, designed to enhance your strategy experience! Below, we've provided clear instructions on how to make the most of our customizable filters:

  1. Individual Checkboxes:

    • Check the checkboxes corresponding to the desired attributes, such as skill type, effect, buff and debuff.

    • Choose individually to refine your hero search with precision.

  2. Multiple Selection:

    • Select one or more checkboxes simultaneously to expand your filtering options.

    • Combine different criteria to find heroes that meet multiple requirements.

  3. Independent Functionality:

    • Each checkbox operates independently, allowing a search focused on specific characteristics.

    • Explore the nuances of abilities and effects in isolation for in-depth analysis.

  4. IFilter Integration:

    • Activate checkboxes together for a holistic approach.

    • Discover synergies between skills, buffs and debuffs, further improving your strategies.

  5. Explore, Discover, Master:

    • Use our tool smartly, try different combinations and discover heroes that perfectly align with your playstyle.

    • Become a master strategist by making the most of the flexibility offered by our filters.

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