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How do combos work?

  Hero combinations in the Rise of Empires game are key to maximizing the power of your troops and gaining the upper hand in battles. Each hero has unique skills that can complement and strengthen each other when combined properly. Here are some tips for getting good hero combinations:

  1. Skill synergy: Analyze your heroes' skills and look for synergies between them. Some heroes have skills that increase the attack of troops, while others provide additional defense. Some can improve healing, while others increase attack speed. By combining heroes that complement each other, you can create a powerful synergy that will strengthen your troops in different ways.

  2. Roles and Specialties: Consider your heroes' roles and specializations when building a combination. Some heroes are better suited to being tanks, absorbing damage and protecting the rest of the troops. Others specialize in dealing area damage or individual targets. Make sure you have a balanced mix of heroes that play different roles to handle various battle situations.

  3. Attribute Bonuses: Some heroes have special attributes that can provide additional bonuses to your troops. These attributes can include increased attack, defense, speed, or other benefits. By combining heroes with complementary attributes, you can further strengthen your troops.

  4. Troop Affinity: Pay attention to the affinity of troops with heroes. Some heroes have specific skills that only affect certain types of troops, such as infantry, archers, or cavalry. By matching heroes with troop affinity, you can maximize the potential of those specific units.

  5. Testing and adapting: Try out different combinations of heroes and see how they perform in battle. Not always the most powerful combination on paper will be the best in practice. Test your combinations in different scenarios and against different types of enemies to find out which ones are most effective.

  Keep in mind that the game is dynamic and frequent updates can introduce new heroes and change the balance of power. Always be aware of these changes and adapt your combinations accordingly.

  In short, hero combinations in Rise of Empires require strategy, analysis of the heroes' skills and attributes, as well as testing to find the most effective combinations. Be open to experimenting with different combinations and have fun discovering the best team for your playstyle.

Hero Combo

  If you're looking for information on hero combinations for the Rise of Empires game, you've come to the right place. Here, we are dedicated to providing you with the best strategies and tips to help you optimize your in-game performance.

 Rise of Empires is a complex game, with many variables and possibilities for combinations. We understand that each player has different resources and heroes, making it difficult to establish definitive combinations. However, we can offer a reference table that takes into account several important criteria.

  To create this table, we used the DM +0 versus DM +0 matchup scenario. We take into account battle report attributes such as attack, defense, tactical attack, tactical defense, HP, combat speed and damage. Additionally, we consider heroes with all eight abilities unlocked and at max level and normal T9 soldiers.

  It is important to note that the combinations may vary according to the research carried out in the game, as they have a significant impact on the outcome of battles. For this reason, our table is constantly updated, based on continuous tests that we carry out.

  We recently conducted research to determine whether the table would be built based on a ranking or by season, and whether hero skins would be considered. The majority of participants chose that the table continue to be organized by ranking and that hero skins be taken into account.

  We would like to express our appreciation to all who value our work, as well as those who contribute and share their discoveries. Our goal is to provide you with a fun and satisfying experience during your testing and gameplay.

  Remembering that the table of combinations is a reference, and we encourage you to test different combinations and find out what works best for you, considering the available variables.

 Fun and experimentation are essential for success!

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