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Dragon Altar

There are four stages in a dragon's growth. They are: Advancing [Evolve], Upgrading [LvL Exp], Acquiring skills [For Dragon 'Devastating'' & Squads 'Combat Skill'], and Power of the Dragon.

  • By Advancing [Evolving]: a dragon can grow into an advanced dragon, with its stats improved a lot. It takes some rare materials such as the Blaze Stone in the advancement & completing each Evolve Block.

  • By upgrading [LvL Exp]: a dragon will increase the max number of soldiers your Legion can accommodate & unlock necessary level caps on the dragon . It takes a lot of Dragon EXP in the upgrade.

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  • Level Caps:

1-60: Build Dragon Altar to unlock

61-90: Block 2 of Evolve bar Tier 2 Star is reached.

91-120: Block 2 of Evolve bar Tier 3 Star is reached.

  • Acquiring skills [Dragon]: a dragon can be upgraded as well . The Words of Truth [WoT] will be consumed per level in the process. The more powerful the Dragon's Skill Level & Evolve tier, the higher the Dragon's Skill Damage.

○ Devastating Fire Skill - Immediately unlocks. [No prerequisite]. In round 2/4/6/8, the Dragon spits deadly fire to engulf all enemy squads and deal X% Damage

○ Ashen Status Skill - unlock after completing Evolve T3 Bar & obtaining 4 star Dragon. The Dragon's fire causes continuous damage, reducing the healing effect of the enemy squad(s), lasting till the battle ends.

  • Acquiring skills ['Combat Skills']: each combat skill is based off dragon being preset or after skill DMG of dragon. Each skill has 3 branches each representing each row of squad; each branch needs to be level dependently. The Words of Truth [WoT] will be consumed per level & Blaze stone per 10 lvl in the process. Unlocking; branches, Different Combat Skills, & branch levels are a direct progression of Evolve tier.

  • Each Dragon can only march with one Legion. You may summon the duplicated dragon to march for the Dragon. There will be no limits on the number of duplicated ones. They could march with all Legions at the same time. Reflection of the Dragon needs to be used for duplication.

The Power off the Dragon includes many different development talents ranging from Resource production to Resource Construction cost. You may level up the Power of the Dragon to unlock them.


To level up the Power of the Dragon, you need to feed the dragon some meat, which can be obtained by hunting. The meat and EXP from different prey vary. EXP can also be gained for Power of Dragon through "Explore" list of Dragon exploration will be available costing 10 stamina per failed attempt and 0 stamina per successful. 100 stamina is max stamina and regained throughout the day.


After being fed, the Amiability with the dragon will increase. As the Amiability gets to a Full level, the Power of the Dragon can be unleashed to give you some buffs. Power has 1hr CD before it can be filled again before another use.

Dragon Exp
The White Crow[Dragon Swelling Task], Ferocious Zoltan or Savage Giants [Daily X10], Strife Over Dragon [DMG], Events
Words of Truth[WoT]
The White Crow[Dragon Swelling Task], Strife Over Dragon [DMG & Top 10 Rank], Events
Blaze Stone
Battle of Honor & All-Star Battle of Honor [Win or Lose], Events
Reflection of the Dragon
Venison [Meat]
Hunting Deer within Castle
Mutton [Meat]
Marauders [Iron Swordsman, Bandit, Bloodthirsty Rebel, Desert Snake]

Dragon -Overview

Dragon -Evolve

Dragon -Combat Skills

[Quick Sheet of Material Count]

Dragon -Combat Skills

[Full break down of Stats & Material Costs]

Dragon-Level Experience


Devastating  Fire & Ashen Status 

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