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  The hero synergy guideline is intended to highlight the versatility of the top free heroes. The "front", "mid" and "back" positions can be adjusted according to the player's strategy and preferences, taking into account the available combinations and technologies. The idea behind this table is to provide a starting point for players to experiment with different hero combinations and discover new synergies. It serves as a combo base for testing and also for creating new strategies. It is important to note that the table focuses on free heroes, which are accessible to all players. However, this does not mean that paid heroes cannot be included in matches.

  The inclusion of paid heroes can further expand the synergy possibilities.

  Keep in mind that this table is just a reference and that synergies may vary with game updates and meta changes. Players are encouraged to experiment with different combinations and adapt strategies according to the context of the game. Have fun exploring the synergy between heroes and discovering new ways to maximize your team's potential!

Hero synergy guidance table


Table available for download, click the button below!

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