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Specialization Tree

Specialization in construction

Heads up!!!

First of all, before doing any resets... plan and organize your specialization points carefully, analyze how you play this season!

Construção icon.png

Unlock Assault Fortress and Solidity:

blue tree down

     A week before the start of the season, it is advisable to reset your specialization to unlock the buildings: Assault and Solidity Fortress 2 – 4. This only needs to be done once and these structures will remain unlocked for the rest of the season. Required 24 specialization points in the blue tree straight down. This will increase, all buildings being at LV 20, by 400% troop attack fighting in the wild, 20% troop attack, 400% troop defense fighting in the wild, and 20% troop defense. After the process is done, you can reset again.


Focus on the start of the season

right blue tree

    During the first few weeks of Eden, everyone should focus on leveling their coalition camps as quickly as possible. The blue spec right underneath , to increase healing speed of wounded soldiers, will help you get high level blocks quickly. Every 5/5 node in the specialization you complete will give you +300 loyalty. You need to invest 47 points to get 1200 extra loyalty points .


material processing

     Left blue specification above will open more processing queues, you need 10 points to open the first row to the next will take 7 points. If you buy elite challenge you will have one more row, depending on your strategy 2 row will be enough, but in the beginning it is appropriate to have 3 or 4. In total it takes 31 points to release all processing rows.


3. Attacking buildings

Increasing the destructive value of the troop

    Blue Specialization straight up , at least 19 points will need to be destroyed for it to be worth it. This will allow your t9 cavalry legions to have 501 destructive power, just enough to take a busy tile in a single hit. In addition to this significant advantage, 19 points will also give you the ability to instantly recover... by spending 1k gem, you immediately summon a legion.

Valor Destrutivo.png

resource specialization

processamento icon.png

Increase in resource production

     Green specialization up left up to 17 points, more recommended for tile level 16 and high honor players to maximize tile material result. Investing 17 points in green will give you +18% materials. You can do this mid-season too if you want to spend more reset and have a building materials plantation.

verde 1.png

Obtaining honor by evolving construction

     One of the best ways to earn a quick honor is to save building materials and upgrade workshops with the right resets and special boosts. Things you need to be prepared for:

  • Construction material for Workshop;

  • Accelerators / Gems;

  • Build speed or any daily acceleration;

Training and building days are good diaries for this reboot. Green left mid/low specialization invested 49 points to leave FULL.

    Red 40 points add +90% honor when evolving a Roc/Eden building. Green 9 points -27% in material consumption for building improvement.

    In this scheme you will unlock the skill “Great construction projects” that will be active for 2 hours with a cooldown of 8 hours, use this skill with the 'ticket' Honor Bonus that lasts for 30 minutes and you will get 90% + 100% + 100% totaling +290% honor gain when evolving a Roc/Eden building.

    It will also unlock the skill “Honor Award” which will give you an amount of honor, the value is based on the total level of the buildings. Use the skill 1 time per day

verde 2.png
verde 3.png

Obtaining honor by attacking tile

     In this specialization scheme we use 40 points in green right by the middle , so it will increase the honor gain when attacking tile by +90% and using the 'ticket' honor bonus the increase goes to +190%, each tile LV will give you x amount of honor, the higher the tile's LV the more honor you will earn. If you spend a lot of time getting tile, this might be the best option.

verde 4.png

Obtaining honor by attacking tile

     For those who want to use Roc/Eden to raise their heroes' LV, this specialization can help, using Green up in the middle will give you +90% exp gain. of hero when attacking tile, the higher the LV of the tile the more exp. you could.

verde 5.png

Battle Specialization

ataque icon.png

Specialization for banners

      At the top of the red tree are two very useful skills:

  •   Open War Flag – Place a war flag for 30 minutes. When your allies or guild members attack the target within 5 blocks of the flag, legion energy consumption, combat instructions and stamina consumption -50%. It has a 24 hour cool down time.

  •   Steal the War Flag - Increases destructive power by 10% of all attacks within 5 squares of the flag. It has a 24 hour cool down time.

     To obtain both skills, 47 points are needed. In addition to the flag skill, the red specialization greatly increases the combat power of the cavalry, archer or infantry, depending on the path taken. At 47 points you get +36% resistance, +10% damage dealt and -10% damage taken, for the path shown in the diagram. These increases only for tile fights and eden structure attack/defense, do not apply when you attack castles in eden.

vermelho 1.png
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