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Strife over Dragon

Time 1. The event starts every Friday at 0:00. The first stage will be the attack phase. In this phase, a Dark Legion will appear at 0:00 every day. 2. If the Dark Legion is killed, a new one will immediately appear until the end of the attack phase. 3. After the attack stage will be the reward delivery stage, when the Dark Legion does not appear and you can see your final ranking. Attack 1. You have 5 opportunities per day to attack the Legion of Darkness. When you cancel the attack, or the attack expires due to the Legion disappearing, the opportunity will NOT be consumed. 2. You can design your formation based on the Dark Legion's feature to maximize your damage. . 3. The Damage you deal in a battle will be determined by the Dark Legion soldiers you kill and the remaining soldiers in your troops. 4. You can also do experimental attack to see how much damage you can deal. Experimental attack will NOT count towards total Damage. Rewards 1. Damage dealt to any Dark Legion will count towards the total damage on the cross-state leaderboard. You can then get corresponding rewards based on your rank. (Lords of Provinces with similar strength in Clash of Provinces will be ranked on the same leaderboard.) 2. Every time the Dark Legion is defeated, some dragon | treasures will appear on the map. March towards them to get random rewards. You only have limited chances to march towards them in each event. There will be precious treasure in the dragon treasures that appear the first time the Dark Legion is defeated. ​ World record and best formation 1. The greatest Damage suffered by each Dark Legion will be recorded and visible to all Lords of the Province. 2. The best formation is to show the Lords which of their formations caused the highest average damage to the Dark Legion in the previous phase of the current season.

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